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Welcome to Optimise

We have structured a plan that will assist to create and develop an SEO and marketing strategy to suit your business.


Just a taste of how it works...

Working from a 12-month planner customised to each of our clients, we work with you to identify and rectify any immediate issues, threats or warnings to your website and identify its ranking score.

With each month we address a new area in priority order, focusing on determining what is/are your key target market(s) and ensuring that content on the website reflects the service offering, includes appropriate messaging and uses strategic keywords to target your target market in all stages of the customer journey process.

We take a very proactive approach and encourage to meet with our clients regularly so that they can contribute and to maintain full transparency of the work that is being done and the key benefits to the business. Our clients receive regular report updates to track data and KPI’s as we move through the timeline.

our story

After 15 years of watching businesses pay high prices for SEO services that have questionable ROI,

Pegboard have built an ethical, transparent and successful program that delivers outcomes, sales growth and astounding results for clients. Our system doesn’t only rely on Digital Search and getting to page one, it’s programmed to methodically build up vertical markets and actively engage a range of digital and marketing tactics. 

SEO is just a slice of what we do!

What Our Clients Say

What is SEO & how can it help my buisness grow?

To break it down for you; SEO (when done right) aims to drive quality and relevant traffic to your website to maximise the opportunity for sales conversion. It ensures that the right people are finding you, and that you are delivering the right information, product or service to your customers.

Gone are the days of yellow pages, we have embraced online search with open arms! SEO operates to put your website in a more competitive position. There is a level of trust associated with an online search, users depend on Google or Bing to find them the right information at the right time.

What are the benefits to my business?

Establishing brand awareness and creating an enjoyable user experience for your customers is an increasingly important factor in search ranking, digital marketing, and a major component of SEO.

In order to use SEO to create conversions and drive sales, your website needs to be appealing to users who visit and importantly, to the search engine where the search takes place. This means being able to identify your websites key strengths and weakness and making the changes required to Optimise your website.

No contact information available? Any unresponsive pages? Recycled or duplicated content? These issues can hinder your search ranking results, and no amount of organic traffic will help you meet those sales targets. Luckily, Optimise can easily identify these key issues and provide live fixes and recommendations to help improve your website health, and search ranking.

How can Optimise help? 

  • Direct relevant traffic to your website
  • Identify and engage your target audience
  • Create leads and turn them into sales
  • Grow your  business
  • Set and meet your KPIs
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