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All Flooring Online Workshop

All Flooring Online have launched with Optimise! 

Our client's at All Flooring Online have started the new financial year with a bang, launching with Pegboard Optimise! 

All Flooring Online are a Melbourne based brand who specialise in providing a range of quality flooring solutions, products and services. All Flooring are one of the biggest online competitors in the market. 

Early last week we met with the client to complete a half day Optimise Strategy Workshop, which was a huge success! Our key focus was identifying the client's key point of difference in such a competitive market, the afternoon was full of planning, brainstorming and creating new ideas, new direction and new avenues for digital expansion. 

We came away with some fantastic outcomes, great new insights into our client, their industry and identifying their key target markets. 

Andrew Brophy, General Manager for All Flooring Online says, "The workshop allowed us the space to open up a much needed discussion about the business direction, it was well organised and moved us through the process in a structured way to help us arrive at our preferred solution. It was well thought out and led you naturally to conclusions you wouldn’t have otherwise thought were so obvious." 

"We both came away really crystalized in what direction we needed to take the business and the new marketing model to hopefully push the business forward. The team at All Flooring are very excited to put this new plan in motion" says Andrew. 

We have since been in close communication and planning mode to implement our strategy with All Flooring Online - stay tuned to see what we produce next! 
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