S01E01 Long Term vs Short Term SEO

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S01E01 Long Term vs Short Term SEO

In this article I want to look at the expense of a short term investment of SEO and marketing verses the long term. There are many elements of activity related to SEO but today lets focus on content. 
I have many clients who go, do the hard work and seek content reviews and ratings from their customer base and come back with a wad of data wanting it all put on the website at once.
Unfortunately the reality of SEO in todays market suggest you may experience a short-term nudge but inputting large hits of content to your website can actually have an adverse effect on the long term growth of your digital footprint.
One of the arts we teach our Optimise clients of SEO is to stay the course creating content and articles that are relevant to your keywords and your customers. Being consistent is what search engines are looking for. 

Top 5 SEO Content tips

1. Make sure you have keywords in your article headings.
2. Ensure you have key phrases and keywords throughout your article.
3. Use your H1's correctly.
4. Make sure any images in your article have been tagged correctly.
5. Always try to get backlinks to your content.

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