What Many Get Wrong About SEM

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What Many Get Wrong About SEM

A common held misconception about paid search advertising is that it is a costly means to market. While this can be the case, if done correctly, SEM marketing is actually one of the simplest yet powerful and fee-efficient marketing tools to attain your audience and propel your business towards growth. With over 15 years' experience and knowledge, PegboardCo's Optimise team is well-versed in the industry and equipped with the marketing knowledge of how to effectively optimise your website performance. 

1. Not knowing your target audience

PegboardCo.'s Optimise team have seen its fair share of businesses wasting time and money on an advertising campaign targeted at the wrong people, or an audience broad too broad to be targeted. Without specifically denoting a small subsection of demographics such as age group, gender, location and device (mobile, desktop), your budget is wasted on those that are not interested in what you have to offer. 

2. Not being specific enough

An easy mistake for any unassuming marketing agency makes for small businesses is not knowing the industry well enough and doing their due diligence of research to ensure that they are using the right keywords. This is oftentimes a mistake that businesses fall victim to, with marketing agencies using advertisements only for very broad keywords rather than also looking at narrower niche keywords as well as phrases searched. While broad keywords will give you the highest traffic volume, they are not as selective meaning that few visitors will have any interest in your products and stay.

3. Not working on SEO with SEM

Brands that show up in both paid and organic search strategies received 92% of clicks and when working together, SEO and SEM result in greater brand presence and 27% greater profits.
It's no wonder, then, that our dealers which utilise Optimise for their website SEM and SEO campaigns show significantly increased website traffic, engagement and new leads; and much greater business growth.

4. Not knowing the industry

Not understanding the ins and out of an industry is a dilemma many marketing agencies face when working with a variety of different clients. Being in the industry over 15 years, PegboardCo. Optimise team understand this and use their expert knowledge and experience to your advantage.

5. Setting and forgetting SEM campaigns

It's no secret that a successful campaign takes a lot of initial time and effort to become successful. However, a common mistake marketing agencies and businesses make is establishing a strong SEM campaign and simply forgetting about it. The reality of SEM marketing is that putting up a search engine advertisement is just the first step in SEM campaign. Simply put, a campaign must constantly be adapting to the changing reality of its customers and their needs, which means constantly improving keywords and utilising marketing strategies to stay on course. 
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