ToooAir Optimise Workshop

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ToooAir Optimise Workshop

ToooAir have come aboard to Optimise! 

Early May, we flew to Sydney to visit our client's at ToooAir and welcome them aboard to Optimise!

ToooAir Pty. Ltd., based in Bondi Junction, is an Australian communications company specialising in PTToC (Push-To-Talk over Cellular) commercial radio, empowering the future of Two Way communications. 

During our visit we successfully executed our half day Optimise Strategy Workshop with the client, it was an actioned packed day full of generating new ideas and opening new avenues for business direction and digital expansion! 

We came away with some great new insights into target markets, client personas and a drive for fresh new content to the website! 

Peter Langbart, General Manager for ToooAir says, "The workshop was very useful, it was methodical and identified the “character” of the type of people we are seeking to contact or get past as the gatekeepers. We worked through the process to determine an executable outcome - there was some fine tuning of course, but we got it 90% in the first take!" 

"Optimise sets out a plan and gave us a timeline to work with so we can now measure and track our results. I have done a few marketing projects in the past, and none of them set KPI’s with a timeline and strategy like Optimise. We are looking forward to what's next in store for ToooAir working closely with the Optimise team" says Peter. 

We have since been in close communication and planning mode to implement our strategy with ToooAir - stay tuned to see what we produce next! 
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