Movies on the Move's growth with PegboardCo Optimise

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Movies on the Move's growth with PegboardCo Optimise

Movies on the Move have remained a leading on-site mobile movie provider, servicing the entire Victorian region over the last 39 years. Despite their stellar line-up of repeat customers, they struggled to generate new leads and find new customers to cater to. "Our business is a lot of the same clients. I’ll go to a school this year, and they’ll want it again next year." Rick, owner and proprietor of Movies on the Move emphasised.

Upon signing up with PegboardCo's Optimise services, Movies on the Move have experienced an exponential amount of profit and growth. The Optimise team focused on targeting new audiences through a strong SEO and SEM campaign, based on research, statistics and trends. The Movies on the Move has seen a strong search engine presence and high click-through rates on their search engine advertising ads.

They have transitioned from 0 new leads per month through their website, to a staggering 35-40 on a budget of under $1000 per month. Experts in their field,  the Optimise team have enabled Movies on the Move to do what they do best- stay on the move, sharing their passion for cinema across Victoria.

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