What NOT TO DO in your Social Media Strategy

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What NOT TO DO in your Social Media Strategy

Every day, millions of businesses post on their social media accounts. Yet too often, these posts are following no set strategy or plan in place, but just used to fill the void of an empty social media account. Having a social media account does not mean having a set quota of posts scheduled per day, but rather an end goal in mind. An effective social media marketing strategy includes an action plan and clearly defined goals which each post adheres to, ultimately ensuring a brand tone of voice is defined. Here are just a few things that businesses and even digital marketing agencies get wrong when working on your social media strategy


 It's definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. This rings true for anything but especially your social media strategy. Mastering your social media game does not mean posting every hour. Over posting doesn't do anything but cause algorithms to report your account as spam and block your content from appearing on your followers' home page.

Sounding impersonal

A personal touch goes a long way in a social media policy. There's nothing more annoying than caption that sounds automated and generic.  Or worse, a response to feedback that sounds robotic, impersonalised and uninteresting. If you're hoping to build a loyal community of repeat customers behind your brand, this is not the way to go. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure customers feel heard and cared for.

Not tracking your results

One of the most common mistakes business make is not setting the time to not only track results but to also modify campaigns if they are not progressing successfully. That's why we at Optimise, provide monthly reporting to our clients against KPI driven results. Working from a 12-month planner customised to each of our clients, you will receive regular report updates to track data and KPI’s as we move through the timeline to identify and rectify any immediate issues, threats or warnings to your website and identify its ranking score.

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