What is SEM?

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What is SEM?

If you've ever tried searching for something on Google or Bing and had the first result be a website link with an 'ad' sign next to it, then you already know what search engine marketing (SEM) is and how effective it can be. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) targets new audiences through paying to have your website as the top result on search queries, paying for certain keywords that people search. If the keywords you have chosen match the search, your ad appears next or above your search results and customers are more likely to open up your website and have a look around.

Why advertise on Google?

92% of searches worldwide are done on Google. With over 3.5 billion searches made on Google per day, Google is where people turn to search for their every need. The moral of the story? Google Ads is the most powerful search advertising platform when it comes to reaching new customers. It's no wonder then that PegboardCo. Optimise team choose to focus on Google as your search engine specialist.

With 10+ years' experience in the digital marketing space, the Optimise team are skilled in researching and building campaigns using Google Ads.
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